Rohingya Water Crisis

Image by Abul Kalam

Image by Mainul Islam.

Image by Yasor Arfat.

Tube well in Rohingya refugee camp. Image by Haider Ali.

Image by Zahangir Alam

Image by Mohammed Hossain

Photos from the Rohingya Water Crisis competition

The Rohingya Water Crisis documentary photo competition focussed on the difficulties faced by the refugee population in terms of water resources. The refuge population are at risk of significant health problems due to the overcrowded living conditions, poor sanitation and lack of access to water. Refugees themselves have constantly flagged up problems around water - in particular, the fetching of sufficient water, safety and security during water collection, contaminated water, and the scarcity and limited availability of water.

The competition winner was Abul Kalam. Runner up was Yasor Arfat and third prize was won by Mainul Islam. 

A dedicated web site featuring photos from this competition can be found here. 

In the interests of full transparency, this competition was entirely self-funded by Shafiur Rahman.