Zine - Doc Sábbá

Doc Sábbá, Rohingya zine featuring photography and art by Rohingya refugees.

The Rohingya Photography Competition published a small number of zines, called Doc Sábbá, featuring photography and art by Rohingya refugees. The meaning of "Doc Sábbá" is 10 pages. Each issue only contained 10 pages.  A  limited number of physical copies of the zines were distributed to interested individuals. The digital versions were available on Revue, but the platform closed on January 18th, 2023. The zines were also available in magazine style on Yumpu.

Some of the Zines focussed on only one photographer, allowing their work to be showcased more effectively. You may download the pdfs on this page.  A few of the cover pages are posted below. 

Download here (8 Files, 11.9mb)

Download here (8 files, 11.9mb)

Download here (8 files, 11.9mb)

In the interests of transparency, a small honorarium was given to contributors. This was entirely funded by Shafiur Rahman.